Typical Applications
Access Control System

Also known as keyless entry system,

Reliable          Simple          User Friendly
Design Access Control System
♦ Small/medium premises
♦ Large corporate premises
♦ Multiple-site premises
♦ Government buildings
♦ Universities
♦ Sports clubs
♦ Car parks
♦ Apartment complexes
♦ Storage units
♦ Schools

Help control and track who is entering your property and when they're allowed access.

ASP Computers has a real long history in providing the consultation required to best using today's technology,

We proudly design, supply, install and service the perfect system to meet your today's operational requirements while considering tomorrow needs also.

For office, building, residential building, store and access gate, 

♦ We proudly design, supply and install the right system for you

♦ High quality system in award winning design

♦ Long term investment protection.

♦ User friendly

♦ Intuitive windows based software
♦ SQL Express database 
♦ Customisable Site Plan 
♦ Multi language support
♦ Online context sensitive help
♦ Visual verification feature

♦ Centralised Administration of your system

♦ Custom reports and integration.
♦ Central Control ­all doors can be controlled from 1 place
♦ Event reporting ­card and alarm events and basic time and     Attendance reports
♦ Manual override of doors etc
♦Full audit trail of events, alarms and operator use
♦ Real-time event monitoring and logging

♦ Flexible set up
♦ Programmable holidays
♦ Manage 100s of doors, 10,000 users.
♦ Group cardholder access rights
♦ Time scheduling for Areas, Card holder, Groups, Readers,       Relays etc.
♦ Client/Server architecture
♦ Landlord/Tenant structure
♦ Automated database backup facility
♦ Cardholder data import and export via a dedicated tool
♦ OPC integration facility

♦ Scalable solution

♦ Server for larger systems
♦ Multiple workstation capable (subject to license)
♦ Scaleable: add to systems easily
♦ Distributed network capability
♦ Multisite capable with PSTN, GSM, GPRS modem support

♦ Safe and Secure

♦ Reliable security
♦ Automated and event triggered fire reporting
♦ Alarm management ­ advanced prioritised alarm handling       with alarm response instructions
System Main Features
♦ Protection of your assets
♦ Safety of residents, staff and employees
♦ Restricts unauthorized access
♦ Provides audit trail for management
♦ Increased Efficiency
Choose Access Control System
♦ Proximity card or fob readers 
♦ Wireless key fob remote control buttons
♦ PIN code keypads
♦ Software control of users cards or pin numbers.
♦ Battery UPS backup for extra security.
♦ Network reporting of door access and users.
♦ Integration with fire systems so that doors release on fire alarm.
♦ Remotely access to system history and users' access
♦ Card issue & door control remotely.
♦ Photo ID onto any cards.
♦ Our systems feature access cards, keypads or fingerprint readers and other biometrics.

System Main Features