The ADMS advanced directory system is the perfect solution for building directory. providing the complete, the easiest and fastest yet most technically advanced industry software product available. Currently installed in several buildings.

Our mission to provide the most complete and easiest to use building directory software!
With a focus on product innovation and technology leadership
♦ Complete and easy to use directory.
♦ Stunning, beautifully designed.
♦ Custom style and design with your logo and photos.
♦ Indevidule message displayed for each tenants.
♦ Display time, date and calender.
♦ Location Map.

Almost any new PC will be acceptable for running ADS

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional is recommended.

CPU: Dual processor or better. 

RAM: at least 2 GB. 

Hard Drive: min. 10 GB. free space.

Display: min. 1024x768 pixels.

Touch Screen: 19", 22", 24" 32" and 42" 

Network: Gigabit switch and Gigabit network interface

Backup: Backup is always recommended.

The ADMS is a truly modern Windows program built on Microsoft .Net platform. and is compatible with Windows8. Windows7 and Windows XP both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

♦ Find a buisness, telephone or suite number.
♦ Allows visitors and guests to quickly locate the name and
   office location of their scheduled appointment.
♦ Provide tenants with up to date information about the building,
   amenities and other news & events.
♦ Choice between wall mounted or floor stand,
   based upon décor and available floor space.
♦ General Building Information
♦ Amenities & Conveniences